OpenNTI Documentation

OpenNTI is a container packaged with all tools needed to collect and visualize time series data from network devices. Data can be collected from different sources:

  • Data Collection Agent : Collect data on devices using CLI/Shell or Netconf
  • Data Streaming Collector : Take all data streamed by Juniper devices as Input (JTI, Analyticsd, soon Openconfig with gRPC)
  • Statsd interface : Accept any Statsd packets
  • SNMP Collection Agent : Collect data on devices using SNMP

It’s pre-configured with all tools and with a default dashboard .. Send it data, it will graph it

Thanks to docker, it can run pretty much anywhere on server, on laptop ... on the device itself

More detailed description of a project can be found here (including a series of videos on how to use it):

How to report feedback / participate in the project

For any issues please open an issue on Github. For comments, suggestions or questions please use our Google-Group

To participate, please:
  • Fork the project
  • Send us a pull request


if you are planning significant changes, please start a discussion first.

Contributions are more than Welcome