How to install or upgrade


The requirements is to have docker and docker-compose installed on your Linux server/machine. Instructions to install are available below

It’s also available for:

How to Install/Start

OpenNTI is available on DockerCloud and this project provide scripts to easily download/start/stop it.

git clone
cd open-nti
make start


  • On Ubuntu, you’ll have to add “sudo” before the last command
  • In case of have internet access through a proxy, before executing ‘make start’, edit all Dockeriles (those in the main directory and in the plugins directory), and include the lines ENV http_proxy <http_proxy> and ENV https_proxy <https_proxy>

By default it will start 3 containers and it’s working in non-persistent mode, once you stop it all data are gone. It’s possible to start the main container in persistent mode to save the database outside the container, b y using the startup script make start-persistent. Persistent mode on Mac OS requires at least v1.12

How to update

It’s recommended to upgrade the project periodically, both the files from and the containers from Docker Hub. You can update easily with

make update